Human Capital Management (HCM) has a broad ranging definition depending on the type of business you work in, and what types of services the company provides. That is part of the problem for both business and HR leaders alike. We have this term, yet it's definition is fluid depending on the organization.

Some would define it is as any person in any organization. These are your people, and like "machines" they are capital equipment. Other definitions of HCM focus mostly on companies and people where their pro...

Nike, the apparel company, has a great tag line. We all know it, so I will give you 3 seconds to say it to yourself. You got it, "Just Do It"! Those three little words are so easy to say, so empowering, yet in many cases, so elusive.

Often times we are thinking about "Just Do It" in the wrong way. We often think or say to ourselves "I must do it". This view often becomes the exact thing that prevents us from doing it and that is only one possible way to look at it. 

We look at "Just Do It" a different w...

In any organization, it is easy to place blame on someone when something goes wrong. When something goes wrong in H.R. however, the blame usually traces back to company policies and procedures.

Those policies and procedures are usually housed in one central place - The Employee Handbook. So, it should be simple to conclude that the H.R. team should focus on having an up to date and perfectly written Employee Handbook. Yet that is seldom the case. Why? The answer is simple: H.R. is like drinking from a fire...

Eliminating stress and risk from your work environment can be a difficult thing to do. Most of the stress and risk comes from co-workers not being on the same page. An effective Employee Handbook, can help eliminate that stress and risk. 

A great employee handbook can help with many frustrating areas of your business, so think about these 5 areas for starters:

1. Management/Leadership Expectations

2. Consistent Application of Policy and Procedure

3. Employee Expectations

4. Compliance with Federal and State Law...

We all cook from time to time and it is clear that a process must be followed to get the right outcome. Doing an H.R. Risk Assessment is no different; pull together assorted ingredients, assemble in a specific way and then the result is perfect!

Our H.R. Risk Assessment follows those concepts, except the ingredients are all the policies and procedures in your business. We focus on 15 areas of your business and use more than 200 questions. Our process has 5 critical goals:

1. Assess government compliance

2. Re...

As a business leader, unknown risks can truly damage your business. Your people, your teams,  are the ones that can create those risks, or be the ones that will help you avoid them.

H.R. risk can be some of the most damaging dangers a business could face as the implications are far ranging. There are the fines, fees, lawsuits, government intervention, and the biggest damage could come from how your employees and teams react.

Here are 10 areas of your business that should be assessed periodically to evaluate...

There are a million different risks when it comes to H.R. and business. However, there never seems to be any time to proactively diagnose those risks. We only seem to think about the risks when it is too late or something bad is happening in the organization.

Think about your organization.  There may be some specific items that are bothering you or you are concerned about.  In turn you may focus on those issues, or you may want to have an overall assessment of your H.R. practices and procedures.


Look at any of the business web sites or business news channels and they are all saying the same thing. Business leaders and HR are having a tough time finding great qualified employees. The problems are arising in almost all areas of hiring including construction, office staff and professional positions.

We at Turning Point HCM have created a solution in our hiring practices that eliminate many the problems that H.R. departments face. We have built a process that is unique, and it allows H.R. departme...

Round 1: The boss wants the position filled immediately. In the beginning it just about getting a body in the position. However, when the person is hired and they are not performing up to expectations, H.R. is questioned on their practices and procedures for hiring.

Round 2: The H.R. "team" is stretched way too thin. The department is usually on a bare-bones budget with too few resources and not enough team members. Recruiting and hiring are time consuming and add stress to the already frayed nerves of...

What are Human Resources professionals most interested in when hiring? Soft skills or hard skills? We believe we are seeing a shift to a soft skills and behavioral based interview, hiring and training process.

Think about all those ex-employees that had a great resume (hard skills) that matched the job perfectly. Many of them did not work out and were, in many instances, a source of migraine headaches. They just did not "fit in” or “get it".  Why?

In so many cases, the hiring manager or H.R. person are under...

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September 8, 2020

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