February 28, 2018

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Turning Point Human Capital Management (TP HCM), a Fractional Human Resources consulting company which solves the HR problems of business owners, is looking for an independent and 100% commissioned sales person. The expectation of this position is $100,000 in annual commissions.

What makes this a great position?

  • This is a lifestyle business: You make it what you want it to be. It could be for supplemental income, re-entering the workforce or an addition to your existing career

  • Our marketing departme...

Most businesses are always “in a crisis”. Usually the crisis is known, like sales issues or operations issues for instance. Sometimes, however, they have a crisis brewing that they are not even aware of. The unknown brewing crisis can cause devastating financial loss.

In some cases, these challenges can arise because the leaders are too generous. Here are some examples of ways that you may be too generous as a leader.

  1. You hire a “friend” who is not qualified.

  2. You pay a good employee a litt...

The other day I was "shootin' the breeze", as they say, with an HR leader about a variety of topics.  Our conversation then took a serious turn and we started to talk about leadership.  Initially, the focus of the conversation was on the CEO of this HR person's company and some of the things that leader does to get everyone moving in the same direction. It was a great conversation. Eventually we started to broaden the conversation to managers and anyone that leads teams. 

Then, I asked a ques...

My mentor recently asked me a profound question. We were talking about great leaders in companies and what makes a great leader. This question was posed to me:  What is the difference between Leonardo Da Vinci and a guy named Lenny who paints (see picture)? 

I was not sure how to answer, but I tried anyway. Both Leonardo and Lenny can paint the "broad-strokes" pretty well. Their basics are about the same. Similar techniques, similar brush and similar color choices. So on the surface they are...

Every week,  I get to speak to many business owners, HR Leaders and trusted advisers about all kinds of topics. Quite frankly, my "job description" has a significant section that ensures that I simply talk to people to see if I can help them and their company.

Regardless of their position, no matter what role they play or what business they are in, they all have the same business goal. The goal is FREEDOM.  Frequently, they have a similar frustration also, that their freedom is being encroached upon.


 Recently, a business owner asked us to review his harassment and discrimination policies in his employee handbook.  He was concerned with all the stuff that we are reading in the news each day. He wanted to make sure his employees felt safe, and that his company was doing all it can to protect itself from problems.  Additionally, money was a bit of an issue so he was reluctant to spend the money to get a new handbook printed and thought his money might be better spent on training employees and managers....

Through out the years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and their HR teams to support their organizations. When we talk to the HR folks, it give us insight into their biggest concerns.  This typically comes up at some point in each conversation.  To boil it down to a simple explanation, it goes something like this:

Rick: What is the biggest challenge in your organization from an HR perspective?

HR Person: "My biggest frustration and what keeps me awake at night, is that I am on the manage...

February 14, 2018

Wage and hour law is a large body of law that sets and regulates a variety of wage standards in the United States.  This includes laws concerning minimum wage, overtime, child labor, paid time off, and more.  As you might imagine, there are lot of details within each of these laws.  You can learn more about wage and labor here.  It can be easy to over look the details, especially as each law changes.  This is just one of the reasons why it is important to routinely do H.R.R Risk Assessments.


Avoiding wage and hour claims is like building a bridge. A great detailed plan needs to be developed, and then followed to a "T". 

At Turning Point HCM, our H.R. Risk Assessment follows this model, only instead of the "blue print" there are all the policies and procedures in your business. During the assessment we focus on 15 areas of your business and use more than 200 questions.

Our process has 5 critical goals:

1. Assess government compliance.

2. Review all your company policies.

3. Review your organizationa...

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