The risks of an action by the government or an employee grow each day. Just by operating your business and making day to day decisions, your actions may have consequences. 

Here are 5 questions we ask every employer to help evaluate the risk. This is a subset of more than 30 questions but you will get the gist:

1. Do you have an employee handbook written by an H.R. professional and distributed to all employees?

2. Does your business use/maintain an employment application for ALL applicants?

3. Does your b...

Business leaders make important decisions each day; it is just part of what we do.  From hiring new people, to assigning them new roles or responsibilities, every single decision you make affects everyone in your organization. These decisions are critical to running your business.  They also create exposure that could lead to costly claims by employees or government regulators.

Even if the claims are not warranted, claims for wrongful employment practices can disrupt operations, dam...

It's in the news again.  Everyday it seems we see sexual harassment, or worse, coming to light.  It is in the news constantly, and I can't help but think about it.  

I find myself wondering... 

1. When will people learn?

2. How can we get it to stop in the workplace?

3. Why do people do it?

WHO THE HECK KNOWS when people will stop with their bad (horrible, rotten, awful, bad) behavior.  I certainly am not the authority, nor do I have a crystal ball to answer this question.  I wish I did!  I wis...

I was talking to a seasoned H.R. professional this past week. She was telling about her career over the past few decades and how it seemed as though every 3-5 years she would change jobs. The jobs always seemed to change due things that were mostly out of her control.

She explained to me that she felt her career was dictated more by the actions of others and less by her vision of what should happen. I asked to her to explain or give an example. I was interested and intrigued.

She went on to talk about H.R. g...

 I am privileged to speak to so many business leaders from all types of business and all types of positions. Those conversations all seem to have one common thread. The goal of each of those people is to fund their freedom.

When I say freedom I am not talking about flags and eagles.  Rather, I am using freedom to refer to their own personal vision and what it is they really want to do with their lives. For the most part, people don't go to work because they love their job or company, but rather th...

Small businesses leaders (defined here as leaders of businesses with 500 employees or less) are making the same unforced errors over and over again. It is frustrating for them because these errors can cause fines, fees, lawsuits and really prevent the business from growing.

Five major errors being made are:

1. Having an old, or worse, non-existent, Employee Handbook.

2. Having poorly written Job Descriptions

3. Misusing 1099 v. W-2 employees

4. Being out of compliance with wage and hour.

5. A lack of appropriate...

This past week, I was speaking to a business owner. She told me the story of her life. She and her husband started their business more than 30 years ago. They built it together, they struggled together and they succeeded together.

As you can imagine, one of the constants of this conversations was about how they would retire one day, hang out with their grand kids, and just enjoy the fruits of their hard work. They have done a great job with every aspect of their plan except for one.

I asked her who...

Compensation Studies are rumored to be a pain in the neck for everyone involved. Think about the biggest expense in any business, think about the reason people come to is the same answer: Salary and Benefits!

Why is everyone afraid of this topic? Here are some of the things we hear:

1. The Boss... "We already overpay people."

2. The Employee... "We are so overworked and underpaid."

3. HR Team... "If we do a study, people will only think we are trying to cut their pay."

WOW!  It's amazing how far apart...

20 years ago, almost everyone mowed their own lawn. 30 years ago almost everyone changed the oil on their car. You might remember Saturday mornings in your neighborhood when the sound of the lawn mower was clear and the cars were on jacks in the driveway.

Why did that change? I think there are many reasons, but the one I keep coming back to is "specialization". I think we have found that we are better focused on our strengths and in turn, we often hire someone to handle our "weaknesses".  It also helps...

Recently, a H.R. professional was asking me about the easiest way to write an employee handbook. The question/conversation went something like this:

HR- I am constantly overwhelmed and putting out fires. I feel like most of the fires would be preventable if we had an employee handbook, but I am putting out so many fires, I can not find the time to write an updated employee handbook.

Me- Do you have a system that will allow you to make and save edits, by state? Or were you just going to manually sta...

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September 8, 2020

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