Leaders Hire Too Quickly, Fire Too Slowly

Leaders in business are often times frustrated when it comes to making good hiring decisions. Often times the balance of getting someone fast outweighs the need to find the "right" person. Our Theory is that hiring the right person is better than hiring the fastest option.

Think about all of the bad hires you may have made and some of the costs of the wrong person:

1. What is the cost in lost salary and training costs?

2. What is the cost in lost business opportunities...

The Result of Poor HR Procedure

When I talk to business owners about their H.R. issues, the conversation generally turns to a few basic topics. When it is all "boiled down" there is a push and pull for leaders and their direct reports.  Here they are in their simplest form:

  1. Money- Employees always want more, but it is not in your budget.

  2. Legal- You're afraid of lawsuits because of all the new rules/laws.

  3. Performance- You wish employees would show more initiative.

The human resources...

Nike, the apparel company, has a great tag line. We all know it, so I will give you 3 seconds to say it to yourself. You got it, "Just Do It"! Those three little words are so easy to say, so empowering, yet in many cases, so elusive.

Often times we are thinking about "Just Do It" in the wrong way. We often think or say to ourselves "I must do it". This view often becomes the exact thing that prevents us from doing it and that is only one possible way to look at it. 

We look at "Just Do It" a different w...

Netflix has rolled out a new rule which relates to sexual harassment and the companies policies. Employees of Netflix were advised that the company has amended it's sexual harassment policies to include a "5 second rule for staring". 

Additionally, they amended their anti-harassment policies to include banned behaviors such as:

  • asking for a co-workers phone numbers

  • lingering hugs and touching

  • asking co-workers on a date

Each company will have their own opinions on their anti-harassment polici...

We are hearing of business leaders who "penny pinch" when it comes to payroll practices. However, that "penny pinching" may end up costing way more than it saves if there is an issue with an employee or a government agency. 

You might be thinking...What do we mean? How can I prevent this from happening?

Are you at risk with your payroll practices? 

It may be best to start thinking about some of the following: 

  •  How does my technology compare? Is my payroll company filing all the correct paperwork at the ri...

The risks of an action by the government or an employee grow each day. Just by operating your business and making day to day decisions, your actions may have consequences. These consequences may be the result of an action that was not on your radar as a risk, offensive or non-compliant. 

So then what do you need to know? What questions should you be asking? How can you protect yourself and your business? 

Here are 5 questions we ask every employer to help evaluate the risks at hand. This is a simple sub...

HR Should be Easy as Riding a Bike

Too bad HR is not as easy as riding a bike. Quite often, we see companies that are making it more difficult than it should be. There are some real basics that can implemented to help the business leaders be more effective, the employees to be more productive and overall things to just run a little smoother.

Here are some simple things to do to help make your organization and little better:

Five simple HR Tasks:

1. Update your Employee Handbook

2. Make sure Job Descriptions are...

HR News is Depressing 

It feels very sad to say that Human Resource news is constantly surrounding our day to day news.

Everyday, in the newspaper, on the news, on social media and websites, there are stories about companies and their woes as they relate to HR, Human Capital and behavior.

Take a moment and really sit and think about it...how often do you hear stories such as: Movie moguls accused of bad behavior, business owners who may be outside the rules and employees who are treating each other poorly.


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September 8, 2020

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