There has been some breaking news on a national massage chain and Sexual Misconduct accusations against some employees. Think about the damage to the alleged victims and the business ramifications all because a few employees thought it was "OK". 

1. How could this happen?

2. Did the company do Sexual Harassment Training?

3. Did they train the employees on company policy?

4. What did the company do once they found out that this was going on?

Please, Please, Please- review your company policie...

Suppose you spent a ton of money on a race car and there was no one willing or able to drive it! You would be stuck with an expensive "paperweight" and you would probably not be too happy about it. You might even conclude that you wasted all of your money on this performance car and it does not work as advertised.

The right way to have a car that performs to your expectations is a perfect marriage of car and driver. This means a smooth integration of technology and a human being.

HR is the same way. Many bus...

There is a rise in actions against companies when it comes to 1099 Independent Contractor classification. Simply the government wants the tax money and sees this issue as a way to get it.

If you are using 1099 Independent Contractors please make sure your policies and procedures are going to help you.

Here are some common worker misclassification audit triggers:

  1. The 1099 independent contractor files a claim for unemployment benefits. 

  2. The 1099 independent contractor files a workers’ compensation or d...

We have been talking to many business leaders who are focused on driving efficiencies to their business. They are looking to use technologies to make their business run smoother, have the ability to manage it when they are not in the office and give them the confidence that it is all working perfectly. One area where this is relatively simple is in the HR space. Particularly with their payroll systems.

Payroll is more than just "punching numbers for a paycheck". It can handle almost all HR functions and mak...

Risk Management is most often associated with an insurance program. Think about your P&C or benefits broker, many times your insurance or benefits coverage is about transferring risk to someone else so that your business is protected. 

Think about all the risk you have identified in your business and now think about all of the risk may you have overlooked. HR issues such as:

1. Compliance- It seems every day there is some new law, rule or regulation.

2. Employee issues- What happens if there a complaint...

Private Payrolls are expanding rapidly. Most feel it is a sign of good things to come. However, this could cause some challenges in your HR procedures and policies. Think about how this may affect your business:

1. Recruiting- How are you going to compete for talent?

2. Employee Expansion- How are you going to on-board all of these new people?

3. Compensation Study- Are you reviewing your plans to make sure you are inline with business strategy?

These are some of the issues, of course there are many more. If y...

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September 8, 2020

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