The labor market is tightening and if you read the financial news we are basically at full employment. This means it will be harder for business to find good people and fill open positions. Think about these items:

1. Candidates are now in control of the hiring process. They are dictating terms.

2. Candidates have the ability to be more selective. They can "browse" for the best deal.

3. Great candidates are already employed. How can you attract them?

4. Time to find a great candidate is increasing. This c...

Great businesses are powered by great people. Awesome businesses combine people and technology. Think of your HR systems as that technology.  EVERY business already has people and technology in place. How are you making sure yours is helping you? Think about:

1. Scale- Technology is one of the best ways to grow profitably
2. Compliance- There are too many laws, rules and regulations
3. Piece of Mind- Knowing that your team is doing it perfectly every time

What are the HR Technologies you should be thinki...

Suppose one or a few of your employees made a claim against a co-worker. The claims seem so real, so credible and so devastating that you felt compelled to act. After all it is the right thing to do! Imagine you fired the "offender" and did all the things you think you should do as a good moral person...

Think about potentially finding out later on that it was a hoax, it never happened, it was all made up, part of some sick joke. You would be in the middle of a "lose-lose" situation and you would be one of...

Allegations of sexual misconduct against politicians, celebrities and other public figures have become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, social movements and a strong public outcry have led to a marked increase in sexual harassment claims—claims that can be incredibly damaging for organizations themselves.

When these claims arise, organizations are expected to handle them quickly and tactfully, while respecting the weight of the situation and the wishes of the alleged victim. What’s more, allege...

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September 8, 2020

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