The Department of Labor has a 2019 total budget of $39.6 billion and 15,765 employees*.  They have more resources to oversee investigations and ability to reach into your business at any time. Here are a few areas they have focused on:

1. Time and Attendance- How are you accounting for employees work time

2. Exempt v. Non-exempt- How are you defining roles and paying your teams

3. Independent Contractor- So many are getting caught by using this improperly

By the way, seems that most business are caug...

Give Your People The Tools to Prevent Harassment

You have done the traditional Sexual Harassment with your team, you have updated Anti-Sexual Harassment policies. You have given your people all of the tools except one:

How does a person recognize the behaviors of of someone who is preparing to harass another person and how do they deal with it?

Introducing - Truly Safer from Workplace Harassment

“Pro-Active Prevention of Workplace Conflicts”, Truly Safer™/WH presents a model that identifies the progressi...

The labor market is tightening and if you read the financial news we are basically at full employment. This means it will be harder for business to find good people and fill open positions. Think about these items:

1. Candidates are now in control of the hiring process. They are dictating terms.

2. Candidates have the ability to be more selective. They can "browse" for the best deal.

3. Great candidates are already employed. How can you attract them?

4. Time to find a great candidate is increasing. This c...

Great businesses are powered by great people. Awesome businesses combine people and technology. Think of your HR systems as that technology.  EVERY business already has people and technology in place. How are you making sure yours is helping you? Think about:

1. Scale- Technology is one of the best ways to grow profitably
2. Compliance- There are too many laws, rules and regulations
3. Piece of Mind- Knowing that your team is doing it perfectly every time

What are the HR Technologies you should be thinki...

Suppose one or a few of your employees made a claim against a co-worker. The claims seem so real, so credible and so devastating that you felt compelled to act. After all it is the right thing to do! Imagine you fired the "offender" and did all the things you think you should do as a good moral person...

Think about potentially finding out later on that it was a hoax, it never happened, it was all made up, part of some sick joke. You would be in the middle of a "lose-lose" situation and you would be one of...

Allegations of sexual misconduct against politicians, celebrities and other public figures have become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, social movements and a strong public outcry have led to a marked increase in sexual harassment claims—claims that can be incredibly damaging for organizations themselves.

When these claims arise, organizations are expected to handle them quickly and tactfully, while respecting the weight of the situation and the wishes of the alleged victim. What’s more, allege...

From one generation to the next, your business may be biggest asset to either pass on or sell for maximum value. It is the future. Here are three things to think about when it comes to succession planning:

1. Identify and Prepare Employees to step into key roles as the organization grows and expands its' offerings.

2. Engage and Retain Superior Employees who appreciate the time, attention, and development you are investing in them.

3. Increase Visibility to Employee Readiness and Potential. Use a formal succe...

We would like to introduce to you our Workforce Management Platform. This is an integrated system that captures the “Life Cycle” of your employees. This system is designed to make your life easier and to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Our Workforce Management Platform starts at the beginning of recruiting all the way to the employees last day of work. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU and It ties together:

1. Applicant Tracking- Excellent for making recruiting easier

2. Automated on-boarding- Nothin...

There has been some breaking news on a national massage chain and Sexual Misconduct accusations against some employees. Think about the damage to the alleged victims and the business ramifications all because a few employees thought it was "OK". 

1. How could this happen?

2. Did the company do Sexual Harassment Training?

3. Did they train the employees on company policy?

4. What did the company do once they found out that this was going on?

Please, Please, Please- review your company policie...

Suppose you spent a ton of money on a race car and there was no one willing or able to drive it! You would be stuck with an expensive "paperweight" and you would probably not be too happy about it. You might even conclude that you wasted all of your money on this performance car and it does not work as advertised.

The right way to have a car that performs to your expectations is a perfect marriage of car and driver. This means a smooth integration of technology and a human being.

HR is the same way. Many bus...

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September 8, 2020

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