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Virtual Digital Media Specialist

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Do you know how your company compares with your competitors? If someone searches the internet for your services, is your company easy to find and recognize? If the answer is no, or you know know the answer, you may benefit from hiring a Digital Media Specialist. For a job almost exclusively dealing with the online world, why not hire a remote individual to handle your company's specific digital media needs? This is an increasingly important and growing job field, as social media is getting more popular by the day. You will want a professional who can keep up with the changing trends and make sure your company doesn't fall behind!

What is a Virtual Digital Media Specialist?

Benefits to using a Virtual Digital Media Specialist

  • You will be given one point of contact, yet you are gaining the support of an entire team. The benefit to this is that you effectively eliminate "putting all of your eggs in one basket." You won't have to worry about missing deadlines, and you will have a group of people behind you for support. Don't wait to start building, or expanding, your brand. Get started today!

  • Hiring a remote Digital Media Specialist could alleviate concerns about excessive office fraternization. Our employees are chosen and trained to follow honorable guidelines, and we have every confidence in the individuals that you will be paired with. 

  • After the shock to businesses in early 2020, we have all seen how unexpected events can affect every single part of our business. You may be trying to think of ways to not be caught off guard in other unprecedented future events. If so, making the switch to using remote workers for jobs that can be easily outsourced could be one way to alleviate that stress. Additionally, your remote Digital Media Specialist can make sure your company stays relevant and public under any circumstances.

  • Cost Savings. You decide how hands-on your Virtual Digital Media Specialist will be. You can choose the amount of time you want your Virtual Digital Media Specialist to dedicate to your business projects, and pay them only for the work they are doing for you. You won't have to pay another employee a salary, and worry about all of the secondary overhead that comes with that. See below for more detailed information about cost saving through Virtual Digital Media Specialist.

General Services

  • Digital Media Content Creation

  • Collaborate with Your Marketing/Sales/Promotions Team

  • Improve Brand Presence

  • Track Competitors

  • Campaign Creation

  • Web Design/Redesign

  • Stay Current with Latest Trends As They Relate to Your Company

  • Put Your Company Stamp on your Marketing Strategies

Cost Benefit

According to ZipRecruiter, the Average National Salary for a Digital Media Specialist is $50,000 per year. However, an employee's salary is not all that an employer must consider. That's right, employers must take into account an employees overhead.


Also - are you sure your full or part-time employee is working every minute of the day? Our team bills to the minute to ensure there is no 'down-time' payments being made. 

What is overhead?

There are many factors that tack on added expenses to an employee's salary. Factors such as location can single handedly increase the base expected salary for a position, depending on the cost-of-living. Other factors such as taxes, unemployment insurance, employee benefits, 401(k), FICA, and even more are costs expended by employers on top of their employees base salaries. 

How much is this overhead?

There are differing averages and percentages that employers can use to calculate their estimated employee overhead. These values only differ slightly, but an employee could cost an employer an average of 1.4 times their base salary.

This means that your Digital Media Specialist, whose salary is $50,000 could actually cost your business upwards of $70,000. Let us help with that!

Our Rate


Billed to the minute at a rate of $75 an hour, you get access to your personal Virtual Digital Media Specialist who is trained to provide all of the services listed above, and more! Let us handle your Digital Marketing needs!

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