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Living Handbook

Our Living Handbook tool can be used to update an existing employee handbook or build one from scratch. We have a package that can fit your needs!


Activation & Monitoring Service

Living Handbook


Handbook PLUS

Federal Policies

Single State Policies

Policy Update Alerts

Easy Update Process

Multistate Policies in One Handbook

Spanish Language Translation

E-Signature Employee Acknowledgement




Activation & Monitoring +

Create, Edit & Modify Handbook Service

Hourly Rate $160/hr

What to Expect After Purchase

You will be assigned a dedicated Turning Point Human Resources Team Member who will be your go-to contact for anything employee handbook related. During the Onboarding/Initial phone call, your assigned Team Member will go through an in-depth questionnaire to establish the state of your current employee handbook or determine the types of policies to be included in your new handbook.

Your Turning Point Team Member will translate/create your employee handbook into our system. This system is built out to make policy recommendations, create custom policies, and know which policies are required by law. Once the initial handbook has been updated/created, you will be sent a copy for review. Your Turning Point Team Member will schedule a call to discuss any comments/changes you have on this draft. This process will continue until a mutually agreed upon employee handbook can be finalized. 

Once the finalized handbook is established, our system constantly searches for policy updates and law changes. When the system finds an update, your assigned Turning Point HCM Team Member will be notified and will examine the policy update and advise you on the changes. Once the policy update has been accepted, we will provide you with the updated version - it's as easy as that! With the purchase of Living Handbook Plus, we can distribute the handbook and all updates directly to your employees for acknowledgement right from our system!

Pricing Structure

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