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HR Shared Services and Support

The most successful client relationships are based on co-dependency - They need your support and you need their business to succeed. It is mission critical to support those clients, help them solve multiple problems and have them spread the word about your partnership. When the client considers you and your firm their trusted adviser for all matters, it is a tremendous victory.

As HR and Human Capital Management have become more complex, companies and business owners have come to rely on their trusted advisers to respond to a diverse set of HR issues.


Here is the challenge- they rely on you and you want to help. It is natural to react that way, you want to "cement" your trusted adviser status. However, your direct response may not be best for the client and it may not be best for you or your firm.


We have built a model where you can support trusted adviser status and focus on what makes you and your organization great.

We can handle the HR stuff.

Here are some of the features of our Shared Services Model:

  1. Phone/Email support for all Service Team Members.

  2. Support provided by HR professionals with a minimum Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR).

  3. Direct client/prospect support, when requested by Service Team Members..

  4. Phone calls will be answered, live, from 8:30-5 pm  EST Monday -Friday.

  5. Video Conferencing or Conference Calling services available for all client interactions.​​​

  6. ​Types of HR Issues we support: Hiring/Termination, Policies, Procedures, Job Descriptions, Handbook Questions, Training, Compliance, Benefits and Payroll....Of Course, there are more!​

Easy Pricing - because you may need an hour of help once in a while or you may need on-going support.



1. HR Phone/Email Support will be charged at:

☑ $299 per month for unlimited Phone and Email Support

2. You will be assigned a dedicated HR Team Member.


3. Proactive client check in calls monthly.


4. Office hours are 8:30am- 5:00pm EST 


5. This is a 1 year commitment from the start date


Any work on our HR Shared Services requires a signed agreement, before any work starts.



  • Questions on Hiring/Termination

  • Company Policies and Procedures

  • Job Description Questions

  • Handbook Best Practices

  • Training

  • Compliance

  • Benefits

  • Payroll 

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