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Hire To Retire


This past week, I was speaking to a business owner. She told me the story of her life. She and her husband started their business more than 30 years ago. They built it together, they struggled together and they succeeded together.

As you can imagine, one of the constants of this conversations was about how they would retire one day, hang out with their grand kids, and just enjoy the fruits of their hard work. They have done a great job with every aspect of their plan except for one.

I asked her who would replace them and run the business while they are out and enjoying life? It is a simple question to ask, but a hard question to answer, and a very difficult task to complete.

They had gone the usual route that most business owners take. That is, they had talked to their children to see if they would like to take over the business, tried to promote from within the company, and even talked to other family and friends. Nothing ever seemed to pan out and it was the one thing preventing all of their life's dreams from coming true.

This is when I pointed out that there was one solution they had never considered. They had never considered hiring a "professional leader" to run the business.

My advice to this couple... Do a great search and find the exact match. Find the perfect person. They needed to use a team of people that understood them, their business, their personal vision and the who would be perfect.

Don't let one person stand in your way of your life's work and dreams. Think outside the box.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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