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Good Employees are Hard To Find

Help wanted

The labor market is tightening and if you read the financial news we are basically at full employment. This means it will be harder for business to find good people and fill open positions. Think about these items:

1. Candidates are now in control of the hiring process. They are dictating terms.

2. Candidates have the ability to be more selective. They can "browse" for the best deal.

3. Great candidates are already employed. How can you attract them?

4. Time to find a great candidate is increasing. This costs you time, effort and money.

So how will you deal with the employee candidate pool and their "upper hand"?

1. Will you use a professional to source and screen candidates?

2. Are you willing to wait longer to fill a position?

3. Are you willing to invest more time into your hiring process?

4. Are you willing to forego business opportunities because you don't have enough people?

These are big issues and could hamper the way a business functions. If you would like to discuss. please let us know.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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