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Here at TurningPoint HCM we believe in helping others. We have compiled several white papers that will help you and your company in a variety of ways. 

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Current Available Papers

Telecommuting Policies and Procedures 

In this document, you will find some general information on what it means to be a telecommuter. There are certain jobs and tasks that may be eligible for implementing telecommuting, and this document provides some tips for how to establish this system. This document also provides some legal concerns to be aware of and some guidelines you may want to follow for your telecommuting employees.


Emergency Closing Policy 

While many times emergencies are rare, having a clear plan is vital in saving your business, and possibly in saving lives. In this document, you will find some helpful steps to take when creating and practicing your emergency plan. It also includes a HIPAA bulletin specifically regarding COVID-19, and some ways to ensure the safety of your employees and your business.


Checklist for Telecommuting Employees 

This document provides a checklist that can be administered to home-based employees at the time that telecommuting work begins. This checklist will help employees stay on track with important tasks while easing the minds of employers by ensuring that their employees are complying with company policies and completing their tasks in a timely manner.


Leave of Absence Information 

During public health emergencies, your employees may be eligible for help from many different organizations. Specifically, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may possibly be able to help your sick employees, or your employees that are taking care of sick relatives. This document also includes sample communication documents to your employees regarding COVID-19 and telecommuting.


Policies from an HR Standpoint 

This document provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and pandemic planning in the workplace. It provides questions and answers regarding ADA compliance before, during, and after a pandemic, along with some other related resources.

Employee Guide to Unemployment 

This document is for employees who have been laid off or received a severance agreement. It outlines some points to look out for and keep in mind and gives information about New York State unemployment. Additionally, there is a table that demonstrates specific COVID-19 scenarios and possible benefits available. 


Employer Guide to Layoffs 

There are a lot of legal proceedings employers must follow when laying off employees, and it may be hard to remember or understand exactly what is required of you. This document goes through some state-required documents, some sample communication agreements, and important information regarding COBRA.

NYS COVID-19 Workers Relief

This document lists the different relief programs available to NYS workers who have been affected by COVID-19. It outlines who may be eligible for different benefits, what you may receive, and for how long. It also provides helpful links for applying for the different programs.

Federal COVID-19 Workers Relief

This document lists the different federal relief programs available to workers affected by COVID-19. It outlines who may be eligible for different benefits, what you may receive, and for how long. In addition, it provides some limitations to these benefit programs that are important to know.

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