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Unlocking Confidence

Comprehensive Background Checks for a Safer Tomorrow

Welcome to our Background Check Services

Your trusted partner in safeguarding your business

At Turning Point HCM, we understand the importance of building a safe and secure environment for your organization. That's why we offer comprehensive background checks tailored to your needs and industry requirements.

Why Choose Background Check Services?

Uncovering the Truth

A thorough background check is essential to reveal the hidden aspects of a candidate's history. Our team of experts meticulously investigates criminal records, employment history, education credentials, and more, providing you with a comprehensive profile that helps you make informed decisions.

Safeguarding Your Business

Every organization is built on trust, and that trust begins with your employees. Our background checks act as a protective shield, minimizing the risk of potential threats, fraud, or misconduct, allowing your business to thrive without unnecessary risks.

Compliant and Reliable

Our background check services strictly adhere to legal guidelines and industry best practices. You can trust our compliance and reliability in handling sensitive information, ensuring that your screening process is conducted ethically and professionally.

Criminal History Checks

Discover any past criminal records that may impact the safety and security of your workplace. Our criminal history checks span local, state, and federal databases, providing a comprehensive overview.

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Employment Verification

Validate a candidate's work history, ensuring the accuracy of their claims and confirming their professional qualifications.

Education Verification

Confirm the authenticity of educational credentials, assuring you that your candidates possess the qualifications they claim.

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Reference Checks

Gain insights from past employers and references, giving you a clearer picture of a candidate's performance, work ethics, and interpersonal skills.

Credit History Checks

Ideal for positions with financial responsibilities, our credit history checks offer an understanding of a candidate's financial stability and responsibility.

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Drug Testing

Ensure a safe and drug-free workplace with our reliable drug testing services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Background Check

  • Social Security Number (SSN) trace 

  • Addresses

  • Names

  • DOB verification 

  • National database criminal records search 

  • National sex offender search 

  • Global, US, & state watchlists 

  • Unlimited county criminal record search

  • Based on 7-year address history

$430 per check

Drug Test

  • 11 panel screening    


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