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Growth, expansion, success.
The resources and experience to drive results for you and your clients. 


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TurningPoint HCM is a fractional human resources firm focusing on forming strategic alliances with like-minded individuals.

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  • The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in them! They made a conscious choice to go this route as opposed to unintentionally stumbling into it. A lot of the time, they are sole proprietors or have a small team of employees.

  • They have a custom or commercially available system used for advising or coaching purposes.

  • They focus on first or second-generation family-owned and operated businesses.

  • Utilizing remote work has helped them increase productivity and availability.

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  • Creating and maintaining an MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) with clients and connections.

  • Differentiation: Our partners distinguish themselves from competitors by increasing their product offerings and operational efficiencies.

  • Multiplication of effort: With our innovative human resources services and products, we become the "hands" for their clients.

  • Portfolio Expansion: Adding our service allows our partners to touch other parts of their client’s businesses!

How It Works


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Our HPA Academy is a 10 day training program that provides the fundamental knowledge for success within our association.
It sets the tone and resources for driven growth and partnerships.
You will learn
how to:

  • Increase engagement

  • Organize events

  • Effectively communicate geared towards the modern virtual space

  • Learn about our business and much more!

Our HPA Association entails monthly events and support.

  • Gain access to a library of resources and support.

  • Attend roundtables, webinars, workshops, and networking events.

  • Continued professional educational trainings.

  • Access to 200+ courses in the areas of professional development, compliance, customer support, pandemic response, security, computer and IT, human resources and harassment.

  • Referral and sale support coaches for our HR services.

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Joining our community not only means support in growing your business and providing additional support for your clients but can equate to additional monthly revenues through referral partnerships.


Being a part of the HPA, referral commissions and incentives are available on a tiered structure.

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Commissions Estimator

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