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April 26th, 2022 

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The Dramatic Shift in HR


  • Updates on OSHA policies

  • 2022 - projections 

  • Employee engagement

  • Mandates

  • What to do next

  • Q&A

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CEO/Visionary, Rick Maher, was invited to speak on the Bossy, Brilliant & Badass podcast, "How to Adapt Your Business for Growth"! They discuss different ways you can adapt your business to thrive and grow during this every-changing time, ways to assess your business risks, how to take care of your employees, and much more.  


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CEO/Visionary, Rick Maher, was a guest speak on the Win Win podcast, "How to Safely and Easily Reopen Your Business with Testing & Tracking Post-Lockdown"! They discuss what it will legally take for businesses to reopen. Rick talks about how our return-to-work program can help employers put their people, clients, and customers at ease.


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CEO/Visionary, Rick Maher, along with Rita DiStefano led a round table on the controversial topic of requiring employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In this virtual event, they discuss some of the challenges and legal ramifications surrounding this topic, as well as provide guidance on this issue. 


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Recorded Webinars

OSHA MANDATES - The Dramatic Shift in HR 2022 Presentation

Over the last few weeks, HR regulations and mandates have seen some even more dramatic shifts.  In this webinar, we discussed the updates to some policies and regulations that came out and are expected to be enforced in 2022. Some examples of what we discussed are updates on OSHA policies, 2022 - projections, employee engagement, mandates, and what  think businesses should do next.

The Dramatic Shift in HR Presentation

Right now, the Dramatic Shift in HR is here. We're hearing phrases like "The Great Exodus" and the "OSHA Mandate" on every news station. The way we handle HR is ever-changing, and we are entering a new phase now. Learning how to navigate this HR shift is vital for your business! In this webinar we discussed topics such as OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard, the Great Exodus, keeping good employees, having difficult conversations OSHA policies/current status, and what to do next.

Understanding Your HR Options Presentation

In this webinar we discuss the potential challenges that your HR department are probably facing right now. Businesses will have questions and hurdles to overcome during the return to work transition. Compliance issues may be falling through the cracks. We will explain how you can support your HR department to ensure your return to work transition is as smooth as possible, and minimize your company's risk surrounding noncompliance.

Return to Work - Storied from an Employment Lawyer Presentation

In this webinar we discuss the challenges and hurdles we are all experiencing on our journey to return to work. We invited Douglas Rowe of Certilman Balin to provide his expertise on the "Legal Lay of the Land" during the effort to return to work. We talk about promoting and maintaining health and safety, the process of rehiring employees, and liability concerns.

PCR Viral/Antibody Testing for Employees Presentation

In this webinar sponsored by BIG, we consider challenges business owners are facing in the attempt to get their employees safely back to work. We have teamed up with HEED Health to provide an employer-based return to work program so that you can be sure your employees, clients, and customers are safe. HEED Health CEO, Brian Stern, discusses these services in detail and answers your questions.

HR Share - Learn the System the Pro's Use Presentation

We know that in these last few months, the business world has seen extreme changes, and we know that the future of business may look different than it has in the past. The future is still unknown, and businesses are taking any and all precautions to ensure that they won't be taken off guard again. During this webinar, present how we can help be part of your business preparations. We discussed our HR Shared Services, which provides you with an HR platform right at the tip of your fingers.

PCR Vial/Antibody Testing for Employees Presentation

During this webinar, we discuss the challenges business owners are facing in the attempt to get their employees safely back to work. We team up with HEED Health to present the joined services we are offering to ensure the safety of your staff as you begin your return-to-work transition. We speak with HEED Health CEO, Brian Stern, and two HEED Health Physicians, Dr. Daniel Sahlein and Dr. Eric Schweiger to go over these services in detail and to answer your questions.

Welcome to the Modern Office Presentation

In this webinar, Motiva Founder, Walter Contreras and Turning Point HCM CEO/Visionary, Rick Maher, Productivity Experts, discuss how the business' world has changed. Today’s Modern Workplace reflects digital and remote work styles and demands crucial team management and cybersecurity technologies.

Worry Less as a Business Owner Presentation

The current circumstances we, as business owners, are facing right now were unexpected and have disrupted our normal day-to-day practices. These changes are constantly occurring, but we can do our best to be prepared for what may come. In this webinar, we discuss how to understand possible risks, and ways we can be prepared. We also understand the near-constant stress and anxiety you are probably feeling, and. we provide some tips for coping with that during this time.

Strategies for Business Owners to Mitigate Risk Presentation

Right now we are seeing many different Turning Points in our society and our economy. Due to these changes, we need to be prepared for the short, and long-term future. In this webinar, we discuss some common risks that business owners are currently facing, and provide tips on how to try to mitigate those risks.

SBA Program Information Presentation

The application process has now opened for the SBA Programs that are available to businesses. In this webinar, we present all need-to-know information about the SBA loans, how to apply, when to get help, and much more. Again we had SBA Program expert, Jason Kohl, on the line to answer questions and provide additional information.

Money Is Available For Business Owners - UPDATE Presentation

This webinar provides information on the two currently available SBA Programs: The CARES Act and The EIDL. This webinar presents the most up-to-date information on these programs, as the information changes rapidly. It includes updates made to these programs through April 3rd, 2020. We invited our guest speaker, and SBA Program Specialist expert, Jason Kohl, to answer additional questions.

Money Is Available For Business Owners Presentation

Business owners can get the money they need with two currently available SBA Programs: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and The Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). This webinar provides information about each of these programs, and outlines what they are, who may be eligible, and how to apply. We also speak with Jason Kohl, an SBA Program Specialist expert. 

How to Stand Out On Your Interview Presentation

Tips and methods for you to use when preparing for, attending, and following up with a job interview. This webinar touches on topics you can use to go into the interview fully prepared, helpful tips on how to answer "dreaded" interview questions, understanding behavioral style interviews, and great questions you can ask the interviewer.

Telecommuting - UPDATES - Presentation

General information on what it means for you and your company to move to telecommuting with COVID-19 upon us.

New laws and regulation updates as of 10am EST 3/23/20

There are certain jobs and tasks that may be eligible for implementing telecommuting, and this document provides some tips for how to establish this system. 

Telecommuting Presentation

General information on what it means for you and your company to move to telecommuting. Information regarding policies and procedures to put in place. There are certain jobs and tasks that may be eligible for implementing telecommuting, and this webinar provides some tips for how to establish this system. This webinar also provides some legal concerns to be aware of and some guidelines you may want to follow for your telecommuting employees.

Organizational Development Presentation

We are going to talk about what organizational development is and what areas in your company it specifically touches upon. We will then discuss how this filters down to your team, leadership, culture and essentially your hiring and recruiting process.