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Down-sizing, Reduction in Force (RIF), or Financial Neccessity

None of it is fun especially those directly affected.

At Turning Point HCM, we understand that RIF's are painfull for everyone involved and this is a time when the employee needs a helping hand and a human touch. That is why our model connects your team to our team and at all times they are speaking and working with our local people. No Artificial Intelligence or off shore resources.

Outplacement Care and Support

All Of Our Clients

  • Family First, local or regional finanancial institutions

  • They have between 20 and 500 employees

  • The want to maintain good community relationships

  • Their clients and employees are thier neighbors and friends

Problems we Solve

  • Minimize the pain leadership feels when friends are affected

  • Help maintain community standing of the leadership and brand

  • Diminish the potential for negative press or employee actions

  • Employee leave with less ill-will which could otherwise go "viral"

Three Plan Options, all with these essential features

100% Local People Presence

Our team understands what you and your team have gone through. Our emphasis is on high-touch, high- frequency interaction to help your employees find their next role. 

Our Guarantee

We keep going to make sure your employees land on their feet. We offer 30, 60, and 90 day guarantees.

1-on-1 Coaching

This is with our team members directly. No video or cold automation. We are in the trenches fighting the battle. Side by Side

Customized Service Options- Choose What Works for Your Organization

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