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Custom Remote HR Services

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HR Gold

Get HR Phone and Email Support. 

Have access to a dedicated HR Specialist and a team of skilled HR professionals at the tip of your fingers. We're only one message away, get started today!Get HR Phone and Email Support. 


10 Hours


20 Hours


30 Hours


Ad Hoc $170/HR

Phone, email, video conferencing, and/or conference calling available for all interactions.​

Extensive tracking of all HR interactions, questions, or issues. We will utilize our internal Dashboards/Platforms, activity tracking and time tracking! 

Get HR Support in the following areas:





Payroll Processing

And more!

Hiring/Termination Questions

Covid-19 Questions/Policies

Company Policies and Procedures

Job Description Questions

Handbook Best Practices

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Living Handbook

Your Turning Point Team Member will translate/create your employee handbook into our system. This system is built out to make policy recommendations, create custom policies, and know which policies are required by law. Once the initial handbook has been updated/created, you will be sent a copy for review. Your Turning Point Team Member will schedule a call to discuss any comments/changes you have on this draft. This process will continue until a mutually agreed upon employee handbook can be finalized. 

Once the finalized handbook is established, our system constantly searches for policy updates and law changes. When the system finds an update, your assigned Turning Point HCM Team Member will be notified and will examine the policy update and advise you on the changes. Once the policy update has been accepted, we will provide you with the updated version - it's as easy as that! With the purchase of Living Handbook Plus, we can distribute the handbook and all updates directly to your employees for acknowledgement right from our system!


Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

In most states it is now mandatory to conduct annual sexual harassment training. In states that it is not mandated, it is highly recommended in order to protect your company from fines, fees and lawsuits that can occur when employees are not properly educated in this area. 

Start your company's seamless online sexual harassment training today! 

* $70 per person per course

HR Projects

Background Checks. For a fast, safe, and confidential way to screen potential new employees or enroll your current employees in a Drug and Alcohol screening program. We have several services to choose from, so you will find exactly what you need. Whether you are looking to pre-screen potential employees or enroll current employees in a Drug & Alcohol Testing Program, Turning Point HCM can help. 

Recruiting. Here at Turning Point HCM, we offer recruiting services. Our team is specifically skilled in hiring for all areas of employment within all industries. Whether you need one position or 100, we are here for you from job ad creation to offer letter. All recruiting fees are billed hourly at a rate of $105/hr for remote positions and $160/hr for in-office positions. There are no monthly or annual contracts. No hiring fees or hiring percentages based on salary. Invoices are billed weekly along with detailed time reports. 

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ACA Reporting. Our ACA Employer Reporting service will help you determine if your company is an Applicable Large Employer (ALE), and whether your health coverage is affordable and of minimum value per current regulations.

FMLA Tracking.
Our FMLA Tracking and Compliance Services take the burden off Employers and provide peace of mind that their FMLA administration is in complete compliance with all Federal rules and regulations.

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Unsure of What You Need?

Scrambling to keep up with constantly changing regulations can cost your company time, effort, and money. But how to know where to begin? What if you miss something important?

Receive a 3-6 page report with a SCORE that informs you and your team on what to do first and where you should begin.

Try our Ask Liv service - Our UNLIMITED HR Ticketing Service.

"We can email chat about any HR issues or questions you may have. Always available and always here for you.

If it has anything to do with HR, I'd love to research the best answer for you!" - LIV

Get all your HR questions answered without the extra cost of retaining an HR Specialist.

$425/mo - annual contract

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