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Here at Turning Point Plans, we offer recruiting services. Our recruiting services can either be included in one of our packages, or completely separate. 

Your Firm will get these services with each recruited position:

  • Customized behavioral interview questions  

  • Match the top 3 candidates 

  • Telephone interviews 

  • In-person interview for Candidates 

  • Assessment testing available for an additional fee 

  • Background checks available for an additional fee 

  • Review of offer letter 




  • Once you hire a candidate, there will be a 25% placement fee of the persons annual salary/compensation package.

  • A $3000 retainer will be required to start the search. This will be applied as a credit to the final calculation of the 25%.

  • The retainer is non-refundable.

  • 60 Day Guarantee - In the event you terminate the employee as a result of "reasonable work related issues", we will replace that employee at no additional charge.

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