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Our Clients

Characteristics of our clients

  • First or second generation family businesses

  • They have between 10 and 500 employees

  • They have sales between $1 million and $100 million


The problems they all have

  • Compliance - There are too many laws, rules and regulations

  • Employee Issues - There are too many to list

  • Policies and procedures - All the things that make the business run smoother

  • Strategic - The right people on the boat and in the right seats

Compensation and Benefits

  • Employees keep asking for more

  • Is my payroll too high?

  • How do I deal with changes in Health Insurance?


Organizational Development

  • How do I change our culture?

  • My employees are not engaged

  • There is no accountability

Policies and Procedures

  • Is my handbook up to date?

  • Are Job Descriptions important?

  • Can someone just do it for me?​

Hiring & Firing

  • I am too reliant on one person

  • I am afraid to fire an employee

  • I don't get the best people​

Legal and Compliance

  • There are too many laws

  • I am afraid of lawsuits

  • I do not want to make a mistake


Performance and Development

  • How do I motivate my staff?

  • No time for Performance Reviews

  • No or limited employee training

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