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ACA Compliance is extremely taxing for business owners. See what our services can do to help you! 

ACA Reporting Basic*

Option 1: ACA Basic Package

Forms preparation (no codes analysis) and filing for $4,500 (up to 375 schedules)

Option 2: ACA Basic Package Plus

Annual IRS Furnishing & Filing: $6,500 (up to 350 schedules)



  • 1094/1095-C Forms Preparation with Code Analysis

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Filing*

  • *No cost for corrections identified via AIRS Reconciliation Report

Additional Cost:

  • Distribution of 1095-C Schedules (USPS mailing): $6.00/form*

  • *Powered by Trusaic

ACA Reporting Complete*

Monthly Fee (under 500 employees): $1,000 ($12,000/yr)

One Time Implementation Fee Structure:

$6,000 with one-year agreement

$3,500 if two-year agreement with auto renewal

Waived with three-year agreement


Services Included:

  • Employee Tracking

  • Annual Plan Review & ACA Tracking

  • Monthly Data Consolidation & Validation

  • Monthly ACA IRS Audit Readiness Monitoring

  • Monthly GIGO Score Monitoring

  • Monthly Health Insurance Overspend Monitoring

  • Unlimited Customer Service & Technical Support

  • Annual IRS Furnishing & Filing

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Preparation

  • IRS Audit Defense & Exchange Notice Defense

  • IRS Audit Defense/Letter 226J Response Services

Additional cost:

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Furnishing (USPS mailing): $4.00 per form*

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Filing: $750

  • 1094-C/1095-C: IRS E-Filing Corrections No Cost**

  • Exchange Notice Appeals $750 (per bundle of 25 appeals)

  • Powered by First Capitol Consulting

**No cost for corrections identified via AIRS Reconciliation Report

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