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Research shows a personal connection is the number one factor to achieve great results in business... and life.  From sales to management to operations, the success of any organization is directly related to how well people connect with each other, customers and prospects.  

How Connect Works:

It’s Easy: It’s a step-by-step process within a series of short interactive lessons augmented with downloadable PDF tips, meant to be absorbed regardless of the student’s communication style.


It’s Short: The majority of the eight micro-lessons are less than 10 minutes each and the concepts are so direct and succinct that you probably only need a single sit-through to gain the knowledge you need! It’s Interactive: The lessons include video vignettes with live actors, interactive graphics for emphasis and narration from Connect creator, Ellen Cooperperson.


It’s Sticky: You are told an unfolding story that builds with each lesson. And at the end of the program you’ll begin to receive a year’s worth of monthly energizers via email to ensure your learning sticks!


It’s Immediate: From the first lesson on, you can take Connect for a ride-- your learning is immediately applicable. In fact, you’ll immediately see situations you recognize that can be impacted by what you have learned!

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