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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing you with current and compliant human resource services. Let us help with your daily HR needs, or with your individual HR projects as they arise.


Get UNLIMITED access to the HR Platform the pro's use! This system allows you to create/update your company handbook, generate job descriptions, get notified about compliance changes per state, and much more! If that isn't enough, you can also upgrade to our premium package which includes all of the above, PLUS your very own certified HR Consultant to work closely with your business on all of your HR needs.

Plans starting at



If recruiting new employees is not how you want to spend you time, let us handle it for you! We use customized behavioral interview questions, conduct telephone and in-person interviews, and match the top 3 Best Fits for your company. We can even run background checks and assessment testing for an additional fee.

Cost: 25% placement fee


If you're the type of person who prefers face-to-face interactions, we have a service for you! With our Fractional HR services, we offer on-site HR consulting. With our package options, you decide how frequently you want your certified HR Consultant to work on-site with your company. We have several plan options to fit all of your needs.

Plans starting at $3,350/32 hours


Our diagnostic assessment looks at over 15 areas in your company, using more than 200 questions to determine whether the company is both positioned for strategic growth and protected from HR related non-compliance fines, fees or audits. We provide you with a 40+ page personalized report, including insights of your company's risks and an exact plan to ensure your company's legal compliance.

One-time fee starting at $1,350


If you have been looking for particular, small HR projects to get your company's human resources back on track, look no further. We offer services such as background checks, handbook creation, job descriptions, Spanish translations, and more. If you have other specific projects in mind, just contact us and we can work with you and your business to develop a custom plan for your HR needs. Get started today!

Prices are service specific, contact us!

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