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H.R. vs. Recruiting

Recruiting Fights

Round 1: The boss wants the position filled immediately. In the beginning it just about getting a body in the position. However, when the person is hired and they are not performing up to expectations, H.R. is questioned on their practices and procedures for hiring.

Round 2: The H.R. "team" is stretched way too thin. The department is usually on a bare-bones budget with too few resources and not enough team members. Recruiting and hiring are time consuming and add stress to the already frayed nerves of the H.R. Team.

Round 3: Some positions are easier to fill than others - think about director level positions vs. entry level positions. Yet, leaders add the pressure to find the perfect person, fast and efficiently. As we all know this is easily said, yet very difficult to do.

Round 4: Technology and efficiency tools are essential for a strained H.R. team, yet there is no time to research the best tools for the department. Making the matter worse, the budget is typically not there to even purchase the tools. Trying to get everyone to use them is a whole different story.

Round 5: Company culture is key to assimilating new employees. If the soft skills are not there, then the chances of the new hire succeeding are much lower and the odds of having to start recruiting again are extremely high.

This creates a vicious battle and endless cycle that wears down H.R. teams until they say "No Mas".

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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