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Federal and State HR Law Updates- OUT OF CONTROL

In 2023 there were 100's Federal and State HR Law Alerts for employers. 2024 is going to be worse. Business Leaders are overwhelmed with day to day tasks and HR Compliance.

I have led a team of HR leaders for the past 14 years. This is the system we use internally and for all of our 2,000 clients. Check it out :

Who loves using HR Law Alerts?

1. Their HR Team is "doing it all" - the day to day and the strategic- it is tough!

2. They are first or second generation family businesses

3. The have 5-100 employees

4. They know government and agencies are adding new laws everyday

5. They want to protect their company and their employees with the knowledge of the latest laws

HR Law alerts can solve these 4 problems for HR Teams and businesses with less than 100 employees:

1. Compliance- there are so many laws, rules and regulations

2. Employee issues- Hiring/firing properly, harassment, investigations etc.

3. Policy and Procedures- Set them up the right way

4. HR Team Leader relief- Who wants to be caught off guard? Avoid surprises at all costs.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM


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