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Recruiting and Hiring- 2 Minute Survey

Finding the Right People is Difficult and Frustrating

Think to yourself, how are you currently recruiting? Are you finding the right people for the right seats? Do you have high turnover?

All Hands for Recruiting

Forward-looking companies are currently exploring new ways to recruit such as skills assessments, job tryouts and hiring for potential instead of experience.

LinkedIn found that a majority of employers are interested in using:

  • Online soft skills assessments that measure traits like teamwork and curiosity.

  • Job auditions, where candidates are paid to do real work while supervisors observe them.

  • Informal team interviews with potential co-workers, where both sides have a chance to talk about the role and gauge whether there is a fit.

In addition to pre-hire assessments and informal group evaluations, we recommend job analysis, job bench-marking, compensation analysis, and much more! This helps to minimize risk and find the right person for the job. In order to help you start thinking about how you do your recruiting...

We are conducting a survey!

Our goal with this simple survey is to help you think about you recruiting process. Focus on:

  • What is working

  • What you have tried in the past

  • What you love to do

  • What you hate to do

Ultimately, think about how this affects your business. How can a great recruiting process help you and your business grow?

Want to skip the survey and just ask us questions? Contact our Team

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