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Sexual Harassment Training

We are seeing reports of sexual harassment each and every day in the news media. It is certainly not just in big companies or involving big celebrities. Unfortunately, it is happening in many businesses across the country.

We at Turning Point HCM have developed our own system to deliver this critical first step in prevention.

1. Company Culture- The first step is to understand your company’s culture. We do this using an anonymous Employee Survey. This survey gives us great insight to your company culture. As we all know, a poor culture leads to poor results.

Most business leaders think that their employees "Love the Boss and Love Their Job". Maybe they do; but we believe it is better to know, rather than think you know.

2. Company Practices- A review of your policies is only a small part of prevention. The most important part of your company policy is your company practice. If those are not aligned, you should expect trouble on the horizon.

We use our HR Risk Assessment tool to make sure you practices match your policy. This is an in-depth look at your company from 15 different areas of your business, policy and practice.

3. Live Training- The days of the "Video" on your first day on the job are over. Live training with a trained instructor create the realism this problem deserves. The give and take of a trainer in front of the room, cannot be overestimated in helping protect the employees and the employer.

We deliver live interactive training in two ways, depending on the organization and their needs. We can deliver in person and on-site or through the use of interactive video conferencing.

By implementing the system that we have developed, you will be well on your way to preventing this problem, as well as better prepared to address it if it occurs.

Rick Maher


Turning Point H.C.M.

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