The Yin and The Yang- Entrepreneurs and Operations

The Yin and Yang is an iconic visual in so many ways. We all know what it means and we all know why it is used. On the common-sense side, it represents harmony and how the world is interconnected. At the extreme end of things, can show how good and evil or light and dark are truly interconnected.

In business, the entrepreneur and the operations team are the perfect examples of the Yin and Yang. It seems natural to think that the entrepreneur and the operations team are in exact harmony. In some businesses, the successful ones, are the living embodiment of the Yin and Yang.

However, far too often the entrepreneur and the operations team are out of balance and chaos ensues. We all know the entrepreneur type, hard-charging risk-taking type. They are willing to try anything without thinking the matter all the way through. This type of attitude is essential to getting a business started and on a path. Then let's think about the operations team. They are process people, they build rules and follow rules. They create a procedure and expect everyone to follow that procedure. This type of approach is essential to keep a business on its intended path.

You see, the entrepreneur and the operations team can each survive when there is not complete harmony or balance in the business. There will be misery for all sides when one tries to dominate or control the other. We all know businesses that run like this. They can succeed, but the tension is real and can manifest itself in anxiety or stress. On the flip-side, we have all seen those businesses where the entrepreneur and the operations team are in complete harmony. They have a different feel. The attitudes are different and ultimately the results are different.

The Yin and Yang is old and iconic yet its meaning is as relevant as ever.

Rick Maher


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