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Organizational Development

Defining Your Company’s Future

Your organizations structure and foundation are the most imperative parts of creating and maintaining a successful business. Many of us, as business owners, may not have the time or experience in taking a deeper dive into our company’s organizational development. You may even be reading this and saying to yourself “what does organizational development even mean”. Well, in a nutshell, organizational development is a carefully planned effort for a team or on a large scale, an organization, managed by leadership and supported by employees, to increase the company’s effectiveness through planned change in processes and systems. Having a strong, laid out plan process and long-term goals will enhance your company’s productivity and future growth.

Why is this beneficial?

With a developed organizational plan and strategic company goals, you will be able to identify which changes, if any, need to be made to your organization. You can prepare for potential risks and liability issues. Set financial and revenue goals and enable your organization to build an effective team and plan for changes in staffing needs.

You may now be finding yourself asking, “how to I start putting an organizational development plan into place?” You may have some, all or none of the below “How To” tools and tips.

How to: Components

Goal Setting – This is quite often difficult for business owners as they are typically the visionary in the organization and not necessarily the executor of writing down goals and developing a process to maintain a track to achieve them. Schedule time to sit down and regularly review your company goals and progress. Making necessary adjustments when needed. Assess your financial and revenue goals and how they are going hand in hand with your team’s performance and culture.

How to: Strong Company Culture

Identify Vision and Core Mission - Identify your organization’s core mission and values. Alert your team about your short and long-term goals. Make sure they understand their role in the organization’s success and future development. Your team should be in place so that everyone is strategically placed in their role to enhance their performance. Improving managements’ ability to communicate and provide feedback.

How to: Recruit the Right Candidates

Hiring - It is essential to make sure you’re hiring the candidates for your positions. Identifying what behavioral and communication style works best with the positions within your organization will help to ensure that the person placed in that position will excel due to their natural work style. For example, placing an individual who’s natural behavioral style is to be talkative and customer service based, into a position that requires them to do straight data entry, they are not going to be satisfied long term and are not suited to hold this position. It is extremely essential to have the right people in the right seats for your company to expand and sustain long term viability.

How to: Develop Your Company Leaders

Feedback – On going feedback with your team and transparency through goal setting is a key resource to having long term employees and successful leadership. Fluidity and consistency in your company’s practices and training's will drive a thriving culture and retain your valued talent.

There are numerous steps in creating a solid organizational development practice, to take a deeper dive listen to our upcoming webinar! Register now HERE

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