Is My Employee Handbook Good Enough?

Employee Handbook

Nike, the apparel company, has a great tag line. We all know it, so I will give you 3 seconds to say it to yourself... You got it, "Just Do It"! Those three little words are so easy to say, so empowering, yet in many cases, so elusive.

Often times we are thinking about "Just Do It" in the wrong way. We often think or say to ourselves "I must do it". This view often becomes the exact thing that prevents us from doing it and that is only one possible way to look at it.

At Turning Point Plans, we look at "Just Do It" a different way. In our world, it means empowering someone else to do it for you.

In the case of the Employee Handbook, we have built a system to write a handbook that is:

1. Fully Compliant

2. State Specific

3. Fully Customized for your company

4. With the backing of the one of the country’s leading labor firms

Our process is to assign a H.R. professional to work with you and your team, use our proven process which asks more than 200 questions (not an interrogation) and produce a compliant document with company policies and procedures specific to your company. There is no reason for you to struggle any further with the concept that you "must do it" all!!

If you would like to learn more, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss our process with you and your team.

Rick Maher


TurningPoint HCM