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Sales Xceleration's James Watson Will Speak...

WHEN: Thursday February 29, 2024

TOPIC- Business Development in the New Economy

The fundamentals of Sales Infrasctructure and processes to scale sales & profits. Actionable best-practices, takeaways, such as a Sales Agility Assessment.


James grew up in the Bay Area, graduated from UCLA and began his sales journey immediately thereafter.

Small to Midsize tech companies and well funded startups build and scale their sales processes and profits by working with James. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, and consulting.  He specializes in building/managing sales teams and delivering results, ranging from helping a corporation scale from $100M to $2B in ARR to scaling small startups to profitability and significant rounds of funding, and everything in between. 

Case Study: James was brought into a $12M ARR startup that was struggling to scale to the level expected by the VC. They got an assessment of their current sales strategy.  James worked with the executive team to craft a statement of engagement with a timeline and weekly deliverables. This set the foundation upon which repeatable and predictable processes were built. The Executives enjoyed the experience, since it was a collaborative process with weekly executive meetings, hiring sales reps, and hands-on building and management of the sales team.  

The result was creation of a customized Sales Playbook and on-boarding process.  James grew the team from 9 to 18 sales reps, led the expansion into 3 new states, helped secure a significant next round of funding,  and superintended a revenue increase to $30M+, positioning the company for an IPO.


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