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Why Fractional Human Resource Support?

Look at the business world from a "Macro" level and you will see three trends that are hurting business

owners, especially businesses that are:

  1. First or second-generation family businesses

  2. They have between 10 and 500 employees

  3. Revenue of $1m-$50m

The Macro headwinds are equivalent to a jet stream and it makes everything slower and harder. Here are the three macro trends:

  1. The Cost of Capital- Interest rates are rising and the Federal Reserve Chair Powell is indicating that the rates are only going higher.

  2. Compliance Challenges- It seems there is a new law, rule, or regulation that makes business harder.

  3. Quiet Quitting- This term is becoming part of our vernacular and it is a risk to business leaders.

These businesses are looking for alternatives to everything to control costs, improve talent, and eliminate the concentration risk of quiet quitting.


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