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Staying On Top of your Employee Handbook is a Struggle

Required policies and procedures for your company’s employee handbook are changing constantly. A lot of the time the wording of some policies is rearranged to clear up any confusion. But sometimes major changes might be implemented right under your nose. We know how tedious this can be to keep up with. Although we also know that having a compliant employee handbook is a great way to protect your company from fines, fees, and lawsuits.


Speaking of major handbook policy changes, have you checked your employee handbook since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? There have been tons of updates to current policies, especially policies regarding employee benefits and sick leave, and new policies specifically for COVID-19 have even been written. The new COVID-19 policies are not only a good idea to put in your handbook, but they are also required policies now.


You may be thinking that it is impossible to keep up with these changes, since they are happening so often and so rapidly. Well, we have a service for that! We offer employee handbook creation and policy updates with our Living Handbook platform. Through this platform, we are able to create employee handbooks for your company, in one or more states, in English and Spanish, and we are notified every time there is a policy addition or update. Our Living Handbook service is available as a stand-alone service, or it is included in many of our HR packages. Visit our website at to find out more. Or, contact us right away if you’re interested!

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