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100's of New Federal and State HR Laws... "Oh the Humanity"

In 2023 there were 100's perhaps 1,000's of HR Law Alerts from Federal and State Governements. This is overwhelming Human Resource teams, especially understaffed teams (PLEASE Let us know if you are an overstaffed HR Team).

2024 is going to be worse. Think about it, do they ever remove any HR rules and regulations, it is ever any easier? NO. it is not, especially for HR Leaders who have become overwhelmed with day to day tasks, strategic HR, and HR Compliance. Not to mention companies with added complexities like mutliple state locations, hybrid or remote work. The tasks can be daunting.

I have spent the last 14 years as the leader of an HR Firm and keeping up with the changing laws is nearly impossible. We have worked with over 2,000 businesses across the country over those years and building an effective, automatic, inexpensive Law Alert system was truly a life-saver for many of these companies.I share our system with you so you can do your research.


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