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Look at any of the business web sites or business news channels and they are all saying the same thing. Business leaders and HR are having a tough time finding great qualified employees. The problems are arising in almost all areas of hiring including construction, office staff and professional positions.

We at Turning Point HCM have created a solution in our hiring practices that eliminate many the problems that H.R. departments face. We have built a process that is unique, and it allows H.R. departments to free their time to focus on more strategic issues.

Our Process is simple and has these key elements:

1. Source: EEOC compliant Applicant Tracking System (ATS), creation of job ads and connection to Job Description and direct outreach to potential candidates.

2. Screen: Telephone screens on all candidates, hard skill assessments, soft skill assessment and face to face screens/interviews.

3. Candidates: Customized behavioral interview questions, cognitive assessment to learn new skills, behavioral and motivators assessment for training and other purposes.

4. Finalists: Background screening, offer letter development and on-boarding management and procedure development.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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