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Assess Your H.R. Risk

HR Risk

There are a million different risks when it comes to H.R. and business. However, there never seems to be any time to proactively diagnose those risks. We only seem to think about the risks when it is too late or something bad is happening in the organization.

Think about your organization. There may be some specific items that are bothering you or you are concerned about. In turn you may focus on those issues, or you may want to have an overall assessment of your H.R. practices and procedures.

Deciding on how to handle that may take a little time. As a helpful tip we have put together this list of areas that most assessments should encompass:

1. Compliance- There are too many laws, rules and regulations to keep up with. Make sure you’re up to date.

2. Policy and Procedure- All the things in your business that help you avoid fines, fees and lawsuits. Additionally, these are the things that make your business run smoother.

3. Employee Issues- How do you get the right people to work for you and how do you get them to perform the way you want?

4. Strategic- If the business is going to grow and succeed the way leaders expect, what are the cultural, training and planning specifics to make that happen?

Of course, there are additional items that go into a H.R. Risk Assessment as this should be a comprehensive and deep dive into your business. The above list provides you with the basic areas.

Rick Maher


Turning Point HCM

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