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NYS Sexual Harassment Law Overhauled

For quite some time now New York State has been reviewing its sexual harassment laws. Governor Cuomo has been supporting the enhancement of protections of the State's anti-discrimination and sexual harassment laws. For reference, New York's workplace discrimination laws can be located in the Executive Law and are generally referred to and known as, the NYS Human Rights Law.

Employers who have not yet taken notice of New York's most recent laws and exponentially growing intent to eliminate workplace discrimination and sexual harassment should have a large wake up call right now!

"With the elimination of a key defense, the lowering of the standard of proof for sexual harassment, and the availability of attorneys' fees and unlimited damages, employers face severe consequences for discrimination in the workplace." -Matthew Weinick, Esq

NYS has been implementing several new laws, including but not limited to mandatory training's and programs against workplace discrimination.

Recent changes have been made and an in detail list can be found here:

It is imperative for businesses to take action now and it can only take one lawsuit to bring down an entire business!

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