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Is Your Business At Risk For Wage Or Time-Tracking Issues?

With the country slowly beginning to reopen, small businesses are coming across many new issues that may not have come up in the past. There are probably policies and procedures that we haven't even thought twice about after they went into our employee handbook. However, with all of the new laws and regulations, it is important to review all of your policies to ensure that they are still compliant.

One of those issues is overtime exemptions. According to the Newsday article, "Small Business: Wage issues employers should keep on their radar as they reopen," there are certain parameters an employee must be within to be exempt from overtime. Due to a reduction in work force, those parameters may no longer be met. Non-compliance of this policy can lead to fines, fees, and lawsuits that you most definitely do not want.

Another issue you may not be thinking about is time tracking in regards to employer required COVID 19 testing or health checks. Our CEO/VIsionary, Rick Maher, was featured in that same Newsday article where he explained that "[...] whenever his clients have conducted testing it’s about a 15-minute time frame and they have been paying employees for that time. Over a week that time can add up." You can read the Newsday article here.

There are ways to protect your business from falling victim to these issues. We suggest reviewing your employee handbook to remain compliant with all of the new laws and regulations. If you need help with this large task, we are here to help! Contact us with any questions, concerns, or issues and find out how we can help.

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