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Terrible Uncertainty Surrounding This School Year

With the school year rapidly approaching and extreme uncertainty surrounding this school year, parents, children, teachers, and businesses are all on edge, and for good reason. The second half of last year's school year was a complete and utter disaster. Parents were forced to make arrangements for their children to remain home, they were forced to be their students' teachers without any guidance, and this upcoming school year is looking to be no different. Employers and employees are facing more and more months of not returning to work due to a lack of childcare, as well as the stressors that come with managing and teaching children at home.

Are You Prepared?

Do you feel prepared as a parent and business to operate seamlessly if one or more of the following happens in September?

  • Schools do not re-open

  • Teachers strike

  • Schools only go back part-time

My assumption is that you are not prepared, nor feeling comfortable with the idea of helping your child again with:

  • Navigating Google Classroom and multiple teacher websites that just don't seem to work right

  • Multiple Software's, such as Ed Puzzles and IXL

  • Attempting to work with Castle Learning

  • Answering your child's questions on Math, Science, ELA, or that book you read decades ago

  • Completing all those assignments on time

The question then becomes, "what now"?

Who To Turn To?

TurningPoint EDU is a virtual education service that provides parents with the helping hand they need to propel their child's educational career forward despite the uncertainty of our current school systems. The services allow the parents to take a back seat to teaching their children and places the management of projects, homework, test prep, etc. into the hands of virtually experienced educators. Our educators are ready to work one on one with students to educate and assist students with learning and thriving in this new uncertain time.

How Does This Effect Your Business?

As a business owner, having our employees working at full capacity is essential for success. During the pandemic a lot of stressors have been added to our employees' workload, both at work and at home. Worrying about their children and their children's education has just moved even higher on the list of pain points. With your employees focused on multiple abnormal issues, their work is highly likely to be affected. It has been said many times that our economy cannot thrive with our school systems faltering. TurningPoint EDU offers group rates for employers whom offer this service to their employees, in efforts to alleviate the stress that comes with taking your child's education into your own hands.

TurningPoint HCM is a human capital management firm that has over a decade of experience working with interpersonal relationships in the virtual world, managing tasks so that business owners can sleep at night. The Chief Operations Officer of the firm happens to also be an assistant professor, an atmospheric scientist, and author of a college textbook. The combination of stellar interpersonal skills and a long-standing educational background allows the operation of TurningPoint EDU to be an essential tool for parents and businesses this upcoming school year.

Take Action Now

Don’t let your children, your career, and your business fall behind because our education system is wavering. Education needs to flow seamlessly and continuously for growth. Remote education services allow for easy transitions between schoolwork and the virtual learning space. It provides quick access to an educator at your fingertips. Saving time, money, and aggravation.

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