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Be Prepared for Your Performance Review

Performance reviews are commonly surrounded by feelings of dread by all parties. As a manager, it's never comfortable to point out the shortcomings of an employee. And, as an employee, it's not easy to hear about areas you may have for improvement. Conversely, some individuals even get uncomfortable when being praised and complimented. These issues aside, performance reviews are vital for the success of a company and the growth and development of their employees.

You may not be able to change your emotional reaction to the thought of a performance review overnight, but there are many tips and tricks you can utilize to feel more prepared and confident walking into your review. It is important to understand that performance reviews aren't a one-way street. The manager/supervisor will most likely lead the conversation, but as the employee, you should always get the chance to actively take part in your review. You should feel free to bring up successes you feel you have had in the time between the previous review and the current review. You should also feel comfortable enough to bring up some of your own shortcomings so that you and your manager can discuss a helpful plan for moving forward.

We say this a lot at Turning Point HCM, but the most important part of many work-related events is to be prepared! In preparing there are many things you can do to self-reflect and review your own performance in the company. In the article, "40+ Good Questions to Ask During Your Performance Review" published by Up Journey, the editors interviewed many experts on questions to prepare for your performance review. One of those experts happens to be Turning Point HCM's COO/Integrator, Nicole Gallicchio. The article is full of amazing tips that you can apply while preparing and receiving your performance review. You can read that article here.

When you are prepared for your performance review it is less likely that you will be caught off guard by any of the observation points brought up by your manager/supervisor, even the not-so-positive ones. Performance reviews are meant to help the employee and the company stay on the same page and work together towards success.

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