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Proceed With Caution?

For some, it may feel like the COVID-19 pandemic is finally coming to a close. For others, fears of a second wave are on the forefront of their minds. These past few weeks we've seen children go back to school and had new information presented by the CDC. It seems that while everything remains unknown, the roller coaster that is COVID-19 is not done with us yet.

We have been all-too-willing to regain some semblance of normalcy, but doing so may find us in some trouble all over again. Experts suggest proceeding with some level of caution as fears of a second wave are surfacing.

Particularly, business owners. COVID-19 rocked the business world, and just while we are getting our feet back on the ground, fears of what could come are causing some hesitation. Turning Point HCM's CEO/Visionary Rick Maher provided some insight to Newsday regarding business owners keeping their guard up during this time. You can read the article here. It is impossible to say what will happen, but all we can do is be prepared for anything.

For more advice on steps business owners can take to prepare for a possible second wave, register for our upcoming webinar - Preparing for a Second Wave: 5 Proactive Steps Every Business Owner Should Take. This webinar will be hosted live on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 11:00 am EST. You can find more information and ways to register here.

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