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CFO Extra Hands- A GUEST BLOG By Suzanne Allen, Fractional CFO

Last week, we started discussing how fractional CFOs can be helpful to companies that already have an existing CFO. Here are some ways a fractional CFO can provide help and an “extra set of hands” to busy company CFOs.

Engage a fractional CFO to conduct a thorough analysis of the company's cost structure and identify opportunities for optimization. This can lead to improved financial efficiency and profitability.

A fractional CFO can provide training and development for the finance team. This could include workshops on financial analysis, budgeting, or other relevant topics, enhancing the overall skill set of the finance department.

Assign a fractional CFO to manage specific financial projects, such as system implementations, process improvements, or compliance initiatives. Their project management skills can ensure successful and timely execution.

Engage a fractional CFO to assess and manage financial risks. They can develop risk mitigation strategies, ensure compliance with regulations, and strengthen internal controls.

Collaborate with a fractional CFO on long-term financial planning and scenario analysis. Their expertise can contribute to more robust financial strategies aligned with the company's goals.

By strategically integrating the skills of a fractional CFO, companies can optimize their financial functions, address specific challenges, and capitalize on opportunities, all while complementing the efforts of the existing CFO and finance team. This approach allows organizations to leverage specialized expertise on a flexible basis, adapting to the evolving needs of the business.


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