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Exit Planning and Cost Reduction... A Guest Blog by Robyn Bowles

For business owners looking to exit, there are a number of ways to increase the valuation of their company. But many of the options involve additional resources (such as hiring additional salespeople) and thus, increased costs.

One way to increase business valuations that is not only cost-free, but more sustainable in nature is to reduce expenses. Most businesses spend more than they should on their various business expenses – up to 35% more and finding savings on these expenses directly helps the bottom line.

At Schooley Mitchell, we offer a risk-free analysis that results in an average savings of 26-28% with very little upfront time investment. We consult to common business expenses, such as: telecom, merchant services, shipping, packaging supplies, waste, facility supplies, office supplies, uniforms and linens, fuel, e-Signature, etc.

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