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Review all of your Business Processes... A Guest Blog by Tobey Wyatt

It's important to review your processes from all possible angles. This is especially true for any people operations, HR if you will. You might not be getting the data you think you are. You might not be measuring what you think you are. We know this. The trick is how do we uncover this.

An example:

Thinking that project you sent your applicants will showcase their talents. allowing you to distinguish between candidates. 

It's not impossible, but its likely not giving you the info you think it is. You might be measuring - desperation (the over abundance of time they are willing to dump into this one possibility), their current lens on topics and deliverables based on a former employer that is nothing like you, their current (pre-employment) availability to spend on this exercise which has nothing to do with their competency if this was their FT job, their ability to leverage AI and therefore if you need them to perform live in a meeting they would fail, and on and on.

How do we get to something that actually gets at the data we want?

First, look at your track record for hires and how they performed against the metrics you have for the role (of course, to do this you need actual metrics for the role). Then, hold retrospectives to ask candidates about their experience, what they thought about it. Last, work with an outside eye to leverage someone else's perspective. They need to be experienced and knowledgable, but you could get a review in just a few hours of time.

Want to get a double check on a process you rely on that needs to be right? Let's chat!


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