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YouTube Explodes...A Guest Blog by Ethan Chazin

Yesterday was a surreal experience for me that I think we can all relate to…

My YouTube channel exploded with 2,600 visits. Specifically, my daily video short “Why employees stay, why they leave” got nearly all those eyeballs.

Maybe this isn’t such a big deal to those of you with a well-established social media presence, but my daily avg has been @ 60 visitors since I started focusing on building my channel and I launched my workforce culture podcast Chazin-the-Dream on Dec. 1st.

So, what caused this massive spike in daily visits?

The truth is, I have ZERO idea. Maybe I was wearing a shirt-sweater combo for the first time? Or, I recorded the video in a new location? Or perhaps the content? Who knows! Heck, maybe I was hacked?

The point is, growth at any stage in our business (I’ve been doing this consulting thing since ’09) is NEVER…LINEAR. Sure, we can plan, pivot, constantly tweak what we’re doing and still our journey to business success is going to be a bit of a roller coaster.

It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. Sometimes downright depressing, but every day offers us the potential for something unexpectedly GREAT to happen.

It truly is fact…life is a journey…NOT a destination.

Enjoy it in all its scary, unpredictable, and rewarding totality. BUT always be sure to marvel at days when you achieve amazing things. When that happens, celebrate your success!! 🍸🎂

THAT can be the wind in your sails.

Here’s to Chazin-Your-Dream!


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