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Prevention- STAND UP

Training for Prevention

Shining a light on sexual harassment could be one of the most effective weapons to prevent it from happening in your organization. It seems this problem, like many other serious problems, will worsen and become harder to remedy when not addressed and allowed to fester over time.

Employers and employees all play a role in preventing this from happening.

Think about the silliness of this: If anyone is asked “Is sexual harassment bad and should it be tolerated?” of course the answer from all parties would be a resounding "NO". I am positive the answer would be screamed so loudly that it could be heard all around the world.

With that said, making a safe work environment requires more than just good intentions and the hope of being a good person. It requires hard work and a good sound strategy, as well as a plan to implement best practices.

The best companies have not only stated they are against sexual harassment, but have taken steps to show a true commitment to a safe work environment for all involved. So what are some simple steps?

1. Written policies with clear statements on non-tolerance.

2. Written policies of how the company will respond.

3. Written polices of how the employees should act.

4. Education- We all think we know about sexual harassment, as we have seen it on T.V. That is not good enough and employees need to hear it from a professional.

5. Training- This should not be once every few years after an incident. It should be an on-going and constant drumbeat.

6. Communication- Almost everyone has an "Open Door" policy. The purpose is for communication. However, many employees do not see the "Open Door" when it comes to this issue.

By implementing these best practices you will be shining a light on sexual harassment and showing a true commitment to a safe work environment for everyone.

Rick Maher


Turning Point H.C.M.

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