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Do you cringe when you think about RECRUITING?

It is rare to find someone who LOVES recruiting. Many HR professionals understand that it is part of their job, and they may be great at it, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it.

If you are a business owner with a small, or non-existent HR department, and you handle those tasks on your own, you probably HATE recruiting. It’s time consuming and pulls you away from other areas of your business that you are more suited for. It’s repetitive, seeing what may feel like the same resume over and over again. It’s just plain annoying sometimes, but it needs to be done.

For some guidance, recruiting might look like the following process:

  1. Outlining Job Descriptions and Creating Job Ads - Did you know that job ads have the potential to put your company at risk? There are some very strict guidelines that your job ads should follow in order to remain compliant and fair for all potential candidates. Two of those guidelines are the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Job ads must be written in a very specific way to be compliant with these two organizations, and if they’re not, your business could be at risk for fines, fees, and lawsuits.

  2. Post Your Compliant Job Ads - Sure, you can just post your job ads to recruiter websites and call it a day. But, our HR experts have a few tricks up their sleeves to further promote your job ad and reach out to a much larger pool of candidates. Some of those tricks include posting the job ads to social media platforms or different college career centers.

  3. Sift Through Resumes - You may get inundated with resumes for one job posting, with a large portion of them being unqualified. This is one of the steps that could take quite a long time. You should definitely be utilizing an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) during your recruitment process, such software provides a safe place to securely store sensitive candidate information. It is important not to put potential candidates at risk.

  4. Schedule Video or Phone Screen Interviews - It is recommended to schedule phone screening interviews with potential candidates in order to get a better feel for the candidate, rather than learning about who they are on paper. You run the risk of experiencing some unconscious biases by seeing flashy, big-name companies on a candidate’s resume and thinking that they may be better qualified for a job. It is best to screen candidates to learn more about their drives and passions for the specific job position and your specific company. If you’re not sure what questions to ask during phone screens or interviews, there are platforms that can help. This is another area that you should have measures to protect yourself and your company. Some questions, even if they seem harmless, may be discriminatory and put your company at risk.

  5. Summarize Your Candidates and Make Difficult Decisions - After each phone screen or interview, you should summarize what was discussed. Your summary needs to be based on fact and candidate responses, and not on whether you and the candidate share the same alma mater. Deciding who to move forward with can feel difficult, and you may have to have some tough conversations. This is all part of the recruiting process and is generally everyone’s least favorite part.

Now you made your decision and you want to hire one of your candidates. What do you do from here? It is considered best practice to prepare an offer letter for the candidate and extend the job offer via email or phone. Once you get the acceptance, you have completed the recruiting process and you are ready to on-board. Let’s let that be a topic for another day...

So, after all this time, you have your new employee but really how much time was it? The average time to hire a new employee may vary by location, societal needs, and industry. It can range from anywhere between 20 days to upwards of 60 days. As business owners, this is a lot of time to spend away from doing what you love for just ONE position. What if you are ready to quickly grow your workforce and are interested in hiring several employees at once? You may be looking at spending anywhere from three to six months on recruiting. Your head might be spinning with the dreaded recruiting task that just can’t be escaped, but that is not true. If you are someone that is less than excited to switch gears from business strategy to recruiting, there is another option - our recruiting services.

At Turning Point HCM, we have HR experts who have perfected the recruiting process and can do all of the work for you. We can handle all of the above mentioned steps and send you only the best possible candidates that have already been screened and sorted through. We have the platforms available to ensure that your job advertisements and interview questions are compliant. We also have personality tests and behavioral style interview questions available to help match the perfect candidate to your job opening.

Let us help you with this time-consuming process so that you can continue focusing on your company and the things about your business that you love. Visit our website and contact us today for more information!

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