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Bridging the Gap Between Operation Leaders and CEOs/Entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that CEO’s and Operations Team Members have different behavioral styles. These differences can be evident in something as small as how they draft emails to something as big as how they lead a team. At Turning Point HCM, we are very focused on learning about our team member’s behavioral styles and using those styles to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. We are not unique in noting and working with those behavioral differences. So many companies are constantly trying to bridge the gap between the behavioral styles of the CEO and the operations team.

How do we bridge this gap?

There are several things you can do in order to bridge the communication gap that exists in this realm.

  • Learning.

  • Understanding.

  • Adapting.


There is no simple or obvious solution. There is no button you can push to magically optimize how your team communicates. It takes understanding your team members, putting in the time and effort to adjust working behavioral styles. There are tools and methods that we can use to learn how to work better together. It requires honesty, effort, acknowledgement, and safe, open communication - but it can be done. And with improving the way in which you work together, you are setting your company up for growth and success.

Learning your own behavioral style is an important part of this process. How do you best receive information? What type of communication works best for you? There are many assessments out there that can assist you in taking a deep dive into your communication and behavioral styles, both natural and adaptive.

Understanding how your teammates communicate most effectively is a direct step towards operational synergy. Putting steps together to make your overall communication productive in energizing your team to execute deliverables.

Adapting. It is not easy to adjust your communication and behavioral style to meet the needs of others. It is especially difficult in the CEO to COO mindset. We are creatures of habit and trying to adjust takes a lot of practice. However, practice and adjusting is essential to obtaining success.

Do you have experience in this field?

Do you have an interest in helping small businesses in building and nurturing the connection between the Entrepreneur and the Operations Team? If you do, we are hosting a virtual conference this summer and we are looking for speakers! The objective of this conference is to better enable operation leaders and CEOs/Entrepreneurs to communicate more effectively to enhance business opportunities. Apply today to be a speaker – unique submissions are welcomed!

Are you interested in learning more?

We believe that anyone can benefit from learning how best to communicate with others, especially when it comes to businesses. We invite you to experience the TPHCM virtual conference from the comfort of your office or even, dare we say, your couch! This conference consists of three days of powerful workshops, break-out sessions, presentations, networking, and key-notes. Register now to take advantage of early-bird pricing and experience free webinars, early networking, and much more! We are also able to connect you with behavioral assessments.


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