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Employers, COVID And, Their Employees - WHAT TO DO!

With the new delta variant out and companies trying to return back to work, this puts a block in our progress. What are we to do as employers?

Our CEO, Rick Maher was recently interviewed for an article regarding the curveball and here is what he had to say:


Featured in NEWSDAY (read full article link here)

Rick Maher, chief executive of Turning Point HCM, a Mount Sinai-based HR outsourcing firm, says "right now there are so many variables, people’s heads are spinning."

He’s seen some companies that expected more employees back by September pushing those plans back to later this year and others in a holding pattern on how to proceed amid the delta variant.

Keep employees in loop

He advises employers to have a ready-to-execute COVID safety strategy that addresses such issues as testing and how to handle contract tracing, and to consider establishing a relationship with a medical provider akin to an adviser to your operations team, giving weekly updates on the threat level. Maher uses Heed Health with his clients for this purpose.


As business owners, being responsible for your employees safety is top priority. Here at TurningPoint we can assist with testing and tracking COVID for your employees. Talk to us today!

Look forward to hearing from you!

The TurningPoint Team


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