Why are companies moving to the cloud?

Turning Point HCM is proud to present the following article by Walter Contreras, CEO of Motiva. Walter Contreras brings more than 25 years of expertise in cybersecurity and technology. A Columbia Business School Graduate that understands how the digital transformation is impacting businesses today. Has made it his mission to protect and empower entrepreneurs through the education of cybersecurity and the innovation of technology.


“Why are we moving to the cloud?” It’s a common question for business owners. Business transformations that are supported by cloud adoption can be driven by various reasons. It’s likely that several motivations apply at the same time:

Top reasons for moving to the cloud:

Critical business events:

  • Datacenter exit

  • Merger, acquisition, or divestiture

  • Reduction in capital expenses

  • Response to regulatory compliance changes

  • Reduction of disruptions and improvement of IT stability


  • Cost savings

  • Reduction in vendor or technical complexity

  • Optimization of internal operations

  • Increase in business agility

  • Preparation for new technical capabilities

  • Scaling to meet market demands

  • Integration of a complex it portfolio


  • Preparation for new technical capabilities

  • Improved customer experiences and engagements

  • Transformation of products or services

  • Market disruption with new products or services

Key benefits of moving to the cloud:

Here are some possible outc